Adventure Rides Made Easy

Planning on a long bike ride in the near future? You know adventures are not easy. It takes meticulous planning and packing to have a fun-filled carefree adventure. So, here’s our essential quick guide to making your adventure ride worth it.


The route makes all the difference. Choose a route that appeals to your spirit-mountains, plains or city routes- it is ultimately your choice. Then get to know the route thoroughly. It is no fun if you are going to get stranded or lost enroute with no help nearby.


Schedule how many miles you are going to cover every day, with fuel stops and rest stops counted in. Always start early in the morning. You can enjoy the cool fresh morning air and also avoid riding long in the sun. Stop before it gets too dark. Else you will tire your eyes and that’s not good for the next day.


Water. Water bags. Because you gotta stay hydrated throughout the day.

Full travel gear. Raincoats. Extra pair of gloves. Small flashlights.

Camping kits if you are planning to stay outdoors at night.

Basic first aid kit. Canned food.

Pack compactly lest you end up with an uncomfortably huge luggage.


Get your bike serviced by an authorized mechanic before you start your trip. Make sure that your tyres are in good conditions and brakes and clutches work perfectly. Change into dual sports tyres if you have chosen a rugged rough route. Basically, clean your bike, lubricate and shine it up for the adventure.

Also, check that all your lights are working properly and your bikes have mirrors. Bikes without mirrors might look stylish but they are not safe. Make sure that your bike tank is full before you start.


Your bike usually comes with a repair toolkit. Make sure it has all you will need -wrenches, screwdrivers, pocket knives and pliers in your bike tool kit. Before that, touch up on the basics of bike maintenance. You do not want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere with a broke down bike and not know what to do.

Have a separate tyre repair kit. Because a busted tyre is most common and frequent during long rides and you should be able to take care of it if you don’t want to lag in your time schedule. It should have all that you need to make it to the next planned stop – Puncher strips, tyre plugger, tyre inflators, and canned tyre inflators.

Now that your bike is also ready and packed for your trip, you can blaze the trail with a carefree spirit and adventure.

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