The Ultimate Car Care Kit For A Pro

Keeping the car looking new and clean is every car lover’s concern. Don’t worry, Glosil has got it covered. We have come out with an all-encompassing care kit that takes care of everything from washing, polishing to buffing up your car for the extra shine. You decide to dust out and polish up your car this Sunday, have Glosil Car Care Kit on hand first.

What does it contain? As I mentioned, everything.

First to use from the kit is, of course, the 200ml Glosil Car Shampoo. Don’t take your vehicle to the car wash often, as it might entail some scratches to the painted body and glass surfaces. Shampoo your car at home itself. Mix the 200ml shampoo in a bucket of water and wash thoroughly. The shampoo is pH balanced to give your car a non-abrasive soft scrub. Scrub with a sponge to get rid of tough dirt.

The kit also has specific products to clean up your car’s windshield and glass surfaces. Two units of 100ml Glosil Windshield Water Fluid are a part of the package. Windshields need extra soft cleaning because of the high visibility glass material. Also, cleaning with windshield fluid will give a glossy shine that inhibits dust, rain droplets, bugs and insects sticking to the windshield. You can put them along with the water to ensure that your windshield doesn’t get scratched during the cleanup process.

There is also a 200ml Glosil Glass Cleaner Spray to clean your door glasses and back glass. Spray the cleaner directly on to the glass surface at 45-degree angle. Wipe in the circular motion using Glosil microfiber cloth that comes along with the kit. You can buff gently to get a clean shine. The glass cleaner ensures that the surface gets a rain-repelling, dirt inhibiting sheen.

The next absolutely required product for car care is a good car shiner. Glosil kit comes with a 100ml Glosil Car Shiner that can be used on multiple surface materials such as vinyl, painted vinyl, plastics and tyres as well. Spray the shiner directly onto the surface and wipe evenly with a sponge to get rid of excess liquid. Allow the shiner to dry for a few minutes. Then buff gently using Glosil Microfiber cloth to get a brighter color sheen. This specially formulated shiner also offers UV protection.

The kit also has 2 units of Glosil Microfiber Cloth, which you can use alternatively for washing and buffing up the vehicle surfaces. There is also one set of Glosil Microfiber Gloves which you can wear during your regular car maintenance tasks to protect your hands from dirt and chemicals. And this is all you will ever need to take care of your car like a pro.

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