Whatever be your industry, GLOSIL is your Lubricant Care partner for life. Being the first and only Speciality Lubricant Manufacturer in India, we have pioneered the way in customizing our lubrication techniques and automotive and industrial care products to serve every specialized requirement of your lubrication specification. Dealing with automotive for years has enabled us to comprehend the differentiated attentiveness needed to care for your automobiles. This nuanced understanding has inspired us to design and develop a comprehensive range of automotive care products that protects and energize every component that makes up your automobile. And we did not stop there. The next undertaking has been to expand our lubricant care kit to contain speciality lubricants and maintenance products for a wide variety of industrial use. Today’s industrial tools and machines operate at extreme temperatures, aggressive environments and have to meet extraordinary application and precision demands. An industrial study says that 60% of all bearing failures occur due to insufficient maintenance. This requires that these machines are always at their maximum operational and functional capability. GLOSIL Lubricant Care products protect, invigorate and prolong the performance and reliability of your machine components.

Quality Even minuscule errors have huge implications, especially in the field of industrial manufacturing. That’s why quality is always on the top of our mind. We at GLOSIL follow the highest quality and environmental standards in every stage of design and development process. It starts with filtering and selection of raw materials that are of superior class and offer high-grade end product. Starting with design, each step in our product development process undergoes rigorous trial for value and performance. That’s why our unique solutions are based on aerosol technology, which gives you spill proof, precise and maximum effectiveness. One of the only five tribologists in India works with us to help us keep specializing in what we do. We collaborate with industry experts to develop environment and quality standards for all our products and lubrication technologies. The entire range of GLOSIL sprays, grease and oils are silicone free, ensuring an adhesive process that is corrosion free and doesn’t compromise on quality. GLOSIL in-house laboratory is equipped with the latest in lubrication technology and fabrication for our specialists to keep trying out new ideas and innovative specializations.

Maintenance and Service GLOSIL not only provides you with a specialized lubricant product portfolio but also assist and advise you regarding appropriate lubrication techniques. Being a comprehensive service provider in all things lubricant, we have a dedicated team of staff for your aid and assistance. They undergo practice-oriented educational seminars and training to be continuously updated. Our staff training programs are designed to equip GLOSIL with skilled technicians who can serve you better. GLOSIL provides you with the required support whether you are building a new production line, converting your existing machines or revamping your maintenance process. The consolidated knowledge of our lubricant specialists is at your service.

Automotive Care Being the only Speciality Automotive Lubricant Manufacturer in India gives us a superior edge. We offer a distinct portfolio of more than 70 speciality auto care and maintenance products that takes care of every nut, bolt, nook and cranny of your automobile. Our brand of lubricant oils, sprays and grease are designed fabricated for specific bike and car parts. GLOSIL Bike Care products range from Chain Lube sprays, Silicone Spray lubricants, Silencer Coating sprays to Bike Polish gels and Bike Cleaner sprays. GLOSIL Car Care and Lubricants product range contains everything you need to keep your car at the top working condition at all times. GLOSIL Anti-corrosion Wax Coating sprays, Car Interior cleaning sprays, Glass Cleaning sprays offer best protection and drivability for your automobile through every terrain and any environment. Our international automobile industry clients include Royal Enfield, whose unquenchable demand for quality, innovation and adventure is met by GLOSIL.

INDUSTRIAL CARE GLOSIL has the competence to understand and the expertise to meet the lubricant and maintenance requirements of various heavy and core industries. We deploy intelligent lubrication techniques to increase operational efficiency, reliability and improve the durability of machine tools and components across all industrial sectors.

Modern machine tools used across manufacturing industries operate at extreme pressure, operational demands and require well-timed maintenance care to enhance their reliability and safety. GLOSIL range of lubricant oils, greases and sprays for machine tools offer wear protection, noise reduction, corrosion prevention and media resistance. The environmental advantage gained is in the form of reduced friction which lowers energy consumption and brings down repair costs. GLOSIL enhances operational safety and maintenance benefits for your machine tools from farm machinery, construction machines to wind turbines and rail tools.

TEXTILE, PAPER AND PRINTING INDUSTRY Cotton and synthetic fiber machines require specially developed maintenance products for their specific lubrication needs. GLOSIL offers antistatic lubricants in the form of coning oils for bobbins, greases for bearings, gear wheels. GLOSIL product portfolio for paper and printing industry is custom engineered to ensure the highest precision needed in the industry. GLOSIL lubricant oils and sprays offers corrosion prevention and lubrication protection for bearings, joints, cutting discs, linear and ball guides, gripper bars against abrasive paper fibres.