How To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain

by Glosil Admin on November 29, 2019

As you well know, the motorcycle chain plays an important role in the running of your bike. As you also well know, all the energy transfer and impact bearing puts a lot of strain and the consequent wearing of chain links and sprockets. So, it is doubly important that you check on your bike chain regularly and keep it lubricated to avoid wearing and rusting.

Taking care of your motorcycle is quite easy if you simply follow the steps outlined below.

The first step is, of course, a thorough inspection of your drivetrain. This means the motorcycle chain, the front, and rear sprockets and shafts.
Check for any tight spots, damages to the chain links, any indication of rusting, curved teeth due to wearing and sprocket damages. Take time to examine all your chain links properly, because weak links may break while the bike is on the move. If the chain or sprocket needs a changing, you do that immediately. Otherwise, once you have made sure that the chain is still in good working condition, you can move on to the actual cleaning of your chain.
You have to clean your motorcycle chain twice.

Once to remove the dirt and dust settled on the chain and sprocket. And the second time, using a specific cleaner like GLOSIL Chain Cleaner Spray to remove the grime and grease.

Make sure you know what type of chain your motorcycle has. If it is a plain motorcycle chain with metal links, you can spray water and cleaner even with high pressure. But, if it is a sealed chain with rubber links, you may have do the gentle handling.

Once you have washed away all the dirt with a water wash, spray GLOSIL Chain Cleaner Spray thoroughly on the chain sprockets and let it act on the grime for five minutes. Use a motorcycle chain brush that can access all the spaces to remove the loosened grime thoroughly. Let the chain dry before you begin lubrication.

Put your motorcycle on its center stand for easy access to rotating your back wheel. On the well-dried chain surface, apply GLOSIL Chain Lube Spray evenly to form a thin coating.

Though many people lubricate the chain before riding, it is actually more efficient to clean and lubricate your chain after riding. When the chain is still warm, the lube penetrates the links easily and achieves thorough lubrication. Use a cloth to remove any excess lube, if any, present.

A regular chain lubrication routine not only ensures chain’s longevity but also helps you keep the drivetrain in top-notch working condition at all times.