The Ultimate Care For Your Bike

by Glosil Admin on November 29, 2019

A thorough check and maintenance care after every long ride are essential to keep your bike looking new and in a minted condition. Here are the five must-dos for you after every ride.

Let the bike’s hot parts cool down before you begin your maintenance check. Once it is back to normal temperature, take a microfiber towel or cloth and wipe away all the dirt, dust, soot and other unwanted materials settled down on the bike’s seats, engines, wheels, silencers, dashboard, glasses, etc…
Use a suitable bike cleaner spray or bike wash shampoo to give a thorough sponge scrub to your bike. Wipe it down with a microfiber towel and dry the bike
Check all the major (as well as minor) components for any damages, dents and missing nuts and bolts. This is quintessential to avoid any unexpected, catastrophic breakdowns, while on the drive.
Next step in your bike care is extensive lubrication. But before that, use a degreaser spray to remove oily residues, sticky grime from the bike’s engine, chain, drivetrain and other metal parts. Then, lube it up.

The lubrication technique has to be exhaustive and meticulous. Every component that could undergo wear and tear has to be lubricated. Check for any squeaky sounds to identify clogged and corroded parts and lube them up.

Then top it off by using a bike polish gel to give a glossy shine to your automobile.