Combo Pack

    Combo Pack

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      Glosil's money saver pack comprising Chain Cleaner and Chain Lube Spray is the ultimate care kit for all your bike needs.

      I. Chain Cleaner Spray

      Chain Cleaner Spray is an effective fast acting product for the cleaning of all types of chains & other accessories.


      • Very effective cleaner and does not leave any residues
      • Extremely pure cleaning liquid for all kinds of metals and glasses with no corroding effect
      • Economical, saves time 
      • The aerosol jet action helps the cleaning process 


      Chain Cleaner Spray is used for the cleaning of dusty and clogged chains. This loosens the spent oil/dirt from the chain to provide smoother running and prolonged chain life.

      II. Chain Lube Spray

      Chain Lube Spray is an effective adhesive chain lubricant for lubrication and corrosion protection of high-speed chains in automobiles.

      Chain Lube Spray is used for superior lubrication of all types of chain-driven vehicles like bicycles, motorcycles, etc as well as industrial chains that require a lubricant of moderate adhesiveness. It applies as a bead of foam thus eliminating over-spray and waste.

      Kindly note that the O-rings and chains need to be cleaned thoroughly using Chain Cleaner Spray before applying the Chain Lube Spray for better results and performance.


      • Superior penetration 
      • Excellent lubrication and corrosion protection of chain & sprocket
      • For protection against shock loading and severe wear caused by metal-to-metal contact Extends chain & sprocket life
      • Reduces noise 
      • Highly adhesive and resistant to throwing off O-ring neutral 
      • Very good resistance to cold and hot water 
      • Highly Safe to the environment according to ROHS and meeting REACH compliance Protects the parts approximately up to 6 months from environment like rust and corrosion 
      • The foaming agents allows for even application and prevents annoying over-spray


      Chain Lube Spray is used for superior lubrication of all types of automobile chains, conveyors,gear drives, pulleys etc. It applies as a bead of foam thus eliminating over-spray and waste.

      How to Use



      Minimum shelf life

      The minimum shelf life is approx. 18 months if the product is stored in its original closed container in a dry, frost-free place.

      Safety Precautionary Measures

      • Use in a well ventilated area
      • Wear suitable gloves to protect your hands
      • Do not breathe vapour
      • Keep out of reach of children
      • Chain Cleaner and Lube Sprays can cause slight irritation to eyes
      • In case of a problem, wash with plenty of cold water
      • Do not store over 50 C
      • Keep away from heat source, sun light and open flame


      Disposal requirements vary by state and local jurisdiction. All used and unused products should be disposed of in conformance with local, state and federal regulations.

      Product Disclaimer

      The data in this product information is based on our general experience and knowledge at the time of printing and is intended to give information of possible applications to a reader with technical experience. It constitutes neither an assurance of product properties nor does it release the user from the obligation of performing preliminary tests with the selected product. We recommend contacting our Technical Consulting Staff to discuss your specific application. If required and possible we will be pleased to provide a sample for testing. Glosil products are continually improved. Therefore, Glosil Lubricants reserves the right to change all the technical data in this product information at anytime without notice.